Start-up Kit Project

With three consecutive years of success of the Pediatric Nutrition Project, Giao Diem Humanitarian Foundation (GDHF) has attempted to expand the nutritional benefits of this project to more children despite our limited funding, resources, and personnel.

In 2008-2009, in addition to the 1,800 students from more than 60 classrooms situated in Dong Thap, Thua Thien, and Quang Tri provinces, GDHF has cooperated with Trung Tam Giao Duc Nhan Dao Hue (The Center of Education and Humanity of Hue) to identify six additional school sites in the city of Hue and its suburb with a total of more than 600 kindergarteners who may benefit from the nutritional supplement as provided by the Pediatric Nutrition Project. However, due to our limitations in funding, resources, and personnel, GDHF has invited these schools to participate in our Start-up Kit Project by entering in an agreement that includes the assistance of GDHF during the first three months and the schools’ self-sustained effort to continue the project for an additional two years, through local government’s and parents’ donations.

To help initiate the project, GDHF provides a start-up kit to help the schools to produce peanut-enriched soymilk for the students’ daily consumption. The kit includes a grinder and enough supply of sugar, soybeans, and peanuts for the initial three months. GDHF also offers training workshops to the teaching staff regarding nutrition instruction, the soymilk production method, and early childhood education.

Additionally, as long as the participating schools continue to produce the soymilk for their students, with contributions from local governments and parents, GDHF will continue to provide daily vitamins to their students. The Center of Education and Humanity of Hue, through GDHF’s assistance, has agreed to provide monitoring activities as well as public health education to parents and teaching staff during quarterly visits.