GDHF 2019-20 PNSP Final report

Read the 2019-2020 PNSP Final report for more information on our PNSP Program during the 2019-2020 school year and see photos of the activities on the Photo Album Page.

PNSP July, 2019 Annual School Personnel Training

Training workshops were held for School Personnel in A Lưới, Quảng Trị, Huế and An Giang. Topics included essential nutrition, basic hygiene and common pediatric illnesses. Step-by-step NEC (nutrition education via cooking) instruction with a plant-based cooking demonstration were held in several locations. Read the full report.

. . . → Read More: July 2019 PNSP Annual School Personnel Training

2018-2019 PNSP Program Highlights

Recent changes to our PNSP program are focused on community buy-in, children as agents of change and collaboration between mothers. See 2018-2019 PNSP Program Highlights for more information.

Vietnam Reflections Mar 2017 Trip

Giao Diem Humanitarian Foundation would like to thank Norman Cheng (GDHF volunteer)for his support during GDHF’s Mar 2017 visit to Vietnam. During this trip GHDF conducted an outreach program bringing together the impoverished parents of both malnourished and non-malnourished children to identify behaviors that might help to improve the nutrition and health in the malnourished . . . → Read More: Vietnam Reflections Mar-Apr 2017 Trip

GDHF & AmeriCares May/June 2015 Vietnam Activities

GDHF Staff visited the Pediatric Nutrition Supplement Program classrooms in Vietnam along with AmeriCares’ Asia Partnerships Manager and conducted training workshops for the teachers in An Giang, Huế, Quảng Trị, and Phú Lộc during May and June 2015. Read more about this trip.